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Dear Students of “We Are Not Interested in Your Advice” High

Sean Beaudoin is asked to write a letter to a graduating class of high school students and quickly discovers how impossible it is to give anyone advice, least of all an auditorium full of seventeen-year-olds. Continue reading

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James Greer glimpses the future at the Media Lab at MIT…and lives to tell the tale. Continue reading

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The Trump Stone

What would future interplanetary paleographers make of America, if the only remaining trace of our culture were this week’s tweets from Donald Trump and Victoria Jackson? James Greer investigates. Continue reading

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Rogue Commentary from 2025

Danbert Nobacon reports from Manhattan in 2025, where polar bears are being relocated to the South Pole, Jenna Bush is president, and a Wall of malls protects the city from the impending super-storm and refugees from New Jersey. Continue reading

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