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Writing an Elegy for Ellicott City While Reading T.S. Eliot

It is the oldest story— one part of a town destroying the other, oblivious. Continue reading

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The Gross Room

What happens to body parts removed in surgery? John Biemer takes you to the “gross” room. Continue reading

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The Sinister History of U-Shaped Toilet Seats

Bathroom fixtures, magical thinking, and cultural complicity. Continue reading

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Five Questions with Dr. Andrew Weil

OVER THE COURSE of his five-decade career, few medical professionals have proved as influential and controversial as Dr. Andrew Weil. A born iconoclast and one time Harvard colleague of Dr. Timothy Leary, Weil’s visionary work in the field of integrative medicine … Continue reading

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Black Herman: The World’s Greatest Magician

Joseph Neighbor revisits the dusty pages of Black Herman’s autobiography, as he discusses the life and mystery of the notorious magician, the art of illusion, and practicing hoodoo. Continue reading

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The Politics of Ebola Porn*: Africa, Race, and the Titillation of Horror

Sayantani DasGupta puts the politics of Ebola under a microscope and finds an American horror story. Continue reading

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Project Ex: Why I Talk About The Extraordinary and Why I Want You To Do the Same

Bona fide High Frequency Responder Suzanne Clores talks about the extraordinary experiences that bind us all. An extraordinary experience can stop your breathing, advance your heart rate, raise your temperature and even trigger the vagus nerve, leaving you in a heap, she says. And it’s high time we gave the ole amygdala some credit and embraced the weird. Cause really, it’s not so weird at all. It may just be science. Continue reading

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