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Christian N. Kerr is a graduate student studying Cultural Reporting and Criticism at NYU's Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute. Brooklyn-based but Alabama-bred, he writes about pop culture with a focus on hip-hop and rap (which he still has trouble differentiating between).

Dionysian Trap Muzik

Christian Kerr examines the violent and economically-biased cultural forces that have inspired trap music and considers the larger issue of just who has a right to analyze this music. Continue reading

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Kanye West’s Confederate Flag Swag, and the New Slaves

Ever the provocateur, Kanye West is an audacious musician and public figure. Christian N. Kerr ruminates on one of the hip-hops artist’s most recent controversies — his appropriation of the Confederate Flag as fashion statement — and how his audience might be the new slaves of consumerism. Continue reading

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