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Yeezy Taught Me: How Kanye & The Roots Make Live Hip Hop Work

Sam Behrens expounds upon the nuances of live hip hop, and what Eminem and Kanye can — and can’t — teach you about the art of performance.
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Dionysian Trap Muzik

Christian Kerr examines the violent and economically-biased cultural forces that have inspired trap music and considers the larger issue of just who has a right to analyze this music. Continue reading

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Power Trio: Mark Brooks’ Three Smoking Grooves for the Rhythmic Insomniac

To blow off steam, acclaimed director Mark Brooks moonlights as DJ for L.A.’s scorching hot synth pop duo, Night Club. He offers up three of his go-to tracks for turning late night insomnia into a one-man dance party. Continue reading

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Kanye West’s Confederate Flag Swag, and the New Slaves

Ever the provocateur, Kanye West is an audacious musician and public figure. Christian N. Kerr ruminates on one of the hip-hops artist’s most recent controversies — his appropriation of the Confederate Flag as fashion statement — and how his audience might be the new slaves of consumerism. Continue reading

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Power Trio: The 3 Best Songs For Parental Rebellion

The wheels on the bus can only go round and round so many times before you have to pimp that ride. Continue reading

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Corporate Sagging

Jon Methven’s Wall Street tale reveals more about the finance industry than most of us wanted to know. Continue reading

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