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Jeff Nishball spent 8 long years in film marketing and publicity for DreamWorks Pictures; and yes, all celebrities do look smaller in person. He is currently working on his first novel. Jeff lives in New York (aka “the city”) with his partner, Tony, and their dog, Chankla. Latinos apparently think the dog's name is absolutely hysterical.

List Free Or Die

Live by the list, die by the list. And now Jeff Nishball is brushing up his holiday list. Continue reading

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Chronicles Of A Raving Lunatic, Part I: The Floors

The floors, in particular the flooring, that is enough to drive (nearly) a wedge between Jeff Nishball and his boyfriend… Continue reading

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To Die For: The Rise In Antigay Violence

A man was killed last Friday night. A gay man in the West Village. Jeff Nishball writes about Mark Carson’s murder and the state of homophobia today. Continue reading

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You Talking To Me?

Jeff Nishball takes on grammar, friends, and parents — not to mention dangling prepositions, absolutes made more absolute, homonyms, and pronunciations. Continue reading

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Flu Season – The Purell Prayer

In which Jeff Nishball turns into a germaphobe. The sort who tries to discern a sniffle before accepting a kiss. Or a handshake. Or a hello. Continue reading

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Hoarder, I Don’t Even Know Her

Into the closet to clean out demons, Jeff Nishball realizes that his hoarding goes deeper than his cupboards Continue reading

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Straddling the Dual-Holiday Fence

Jeff Nishball makes the case for Christmas, forsaking the Menorah for Santa, trees, glitter and tinsel. Truly all that shines is…. Continue reading

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