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Litsa Dremousis is the author of "Altitude Sickness" (Future Tense Books). “The book is a howl of pain, a bellow of grief, and a funny-sad Irish funeral for a lover and friend, combining deep wisdom about mortality with an almost naive sensibility...The length is just about perfect: Any shorter and the thousand opposing facets of her experience wouldn’t be fully examined, but any longer might dilute her laser-sharp focus on the subject.”--Paul Constant, The Stranger. Seattle Metropolitan Magazine named "Altitude Sickness" one of the all-time "20 Books Every Seattleite Must Read". Her essay "After the Fire" was selected as one of the "Most Notable Essays of 2011" by Best American Essays 2012. She’s a Contributing Editor at The Weeklings. The Seattle Weekly named her one of "50 Women Who Rock Seattle".

Worst Americans: Paul Ryan is a Pre-existing Condition

I loathe Paul Ryan with the force of a meteor shower. Continue reading

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What the Tumor Left Behind

Litsa Dremousis explores if unfettered optimism in the face of a few mutated cells is what ultimately ended her relationship. Continue reading

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Why Trigger Warnings are Futile and Infantilizing

Designed to protect the traumatized from further trauma, trigger warnings fail in their mission because they place the burden of maintaining our equilibrium on others, as if they could ever truly protect us from additional psychic harm. Continue reading

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An illness by any other name will still mess you up

Litsa Dremousis with the single best offer on the Internet. Continue reading

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Turn Off Your Fleshlight

Litsa Dremousis investigates the onanist’s best friend, and does not come away uneducated. Continue reading

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Allied Forces: Cutting Our Allies Some Slack

Litsa Dremousis makes a compelling case for cutting each other a whole lot more slack. Continue reading

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The Light Easier to Find

Litsa Dremousis confronts middle age. And wins. Continue reading

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