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WannaBowies: The Top Twenty Bastards of Bowie

David Bowie, like the Beatles and Bob Dylan, long ago achieved the status of adjective. For Monday Rock City, Robert Burke Warren lists the Top Twenty Bowie Bastards, i.e. the most Bowie-esque soundalikes, stretching from the 70s to the ‘aughts. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, David must be feeling pretty special right about now. Continue reading

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I Want My MTV: A Conversation with Original MTV VJ Alan Hunter

Author JM Blaine chats with MTV original VJ Alan Hunter about the early days at MTV, interviewing Madonna and the point when it all went off the rails. Continue reading

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Rooms on Fire

J.M. Blaine launches the debut essay in a series of recollections about the dawn of MTV with his beautiful, elegiac “Rooms on Fire.” Continue reading

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