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Originally trained in pediatrics and public health, Sayantani DasGupta is a faculty member at the Master's Program in Narrative Medicine and Co-Chair of the University Seminar in Narrative, Health and Social Justice, both at Columbia University. She is the co-author of a book of Bengali folktales, the author of a memoir about her medical school training, and co-editor of a book of women's illness narratives, Stories of Illness and Healing: Women Write their Bodies, as well as a recent scholarly collection, Globalization and Transnational Surrogacy in India: Outsourcing Life. She writes widely on issues of race, gender, embodiment, medicine, reproductive justice, children's literature, and just about anything else that captures her fancy.

Dr. Ben Carson Isn’t God, He Just Plays One on TV

Forget the Holocaust, forget Dr. Ben Carson’s opinions on gun control: any physician who is willing to write a memoir called Gifted Hands and speak of himself performing “miracles” needs to be looked on as an out-of-touch megalomaniac. We in the medical field should have all seen this coming. Continue reading

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Purvi Patel is Not a Terrorist: What Happens When Fetal Citizenship Trumps Women’s Rights

Dr. Sayantani DasGupta on the travesty of the trial of Purvi Patel and what it says about race, America and women’s rights now. Continue reading

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The Politics of Ebola Porn*: Africa, Race, and the Titillation of Horror

Sayantani DasGupta puts the politics of Ebola under a microscope and finds an American horror story. Continue reading

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Flying While Brown: The Insecurity of Travel

The insecurity of the security state. As summer travel season launches, Sayantani DasGupta on the racism of the TSA. Continue reading

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Notes from Trigger-gate: Why I Give Trigger Warnings

Preventing little Johnny, José, or Jamila from getting a tad misty-eyed in a classroom is not, ideally, what trigger warnings are about, says Sayantani DasGupta. Continue reading

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‘All the Foreign Ladies’: The Case Against Saving Global Women and Girls

Why is it we think women in Afghanistan or Iraq or anywhere they might wear a veil need saving? Sayantani DasGupta looks at the irony in saving women with bombs and drones. Continue reading

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The Shame of Fat-Shaming

Is the anti-obesity movement a form of discrimination? Continue reading

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