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On the 25th anniversary of James Hansen’s prophetic testimony before Congress, Danbert Nobacon makes a plea for environmental enlightenment–or a least a reason not to spark a worldwide revolution. Continue reading

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And Jill Came Tumbling After

As President Obama and Governor Romney argued about women’s rights last week, the only female presidential candidate was in jail. The real “binders of women” were the Commission of Presidential Debates and the Hempstead, N.Y, police. Continue reading

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A Short History of the Smart Lie

Smart lies, says Danbert Nobacon, are the constituent particles that make up the fog that is carefully crafted to prevent us connecting the real political dots, ensuring the continued protection of power. Continue reading

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The Math of the Military Industrial Fossil Fuel Complex

An economy based on fossil fuel reaps disgusting profits for Big Oil, while fomenting war and destroying the planet. Danbert Nobacon investigates. Continue reading

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