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The Road to Exile: Biographer Robert Greenfield on Life with The Stones in the Early Seventies

In 1971, the Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World was bulletproof, and biographer Robert Greenfield was there, reporting well and truly on the continued rise of the decadent, determined, devilish Rolling Stones. Our own J.M. Blaine chats with Greenfield about his never-boring third installment of Rolling Stones reminiscences and interviews, “Ain’t It Time We Said Goodbye.” Continue reading

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Monday Rock City: A Conversation with Legendary Rock & Roll Journalist Lisa Robinson

Rock scribe Lisa Robinson walked among the giants – Springsteen, Jagger, Michael Jackson, Eminem, Gaga – and not only lived to tell the tale, she wrote about it all, using unprecedented access to bring readers cheek-to-cheek with pop icons. In this interview, our very own J.M. Blaine turns the tables on Robinson, giving us a peek into her long-anticipated memoir There Goes Gravity. They dish on everything from Jagger’s tacky shoes to Stevie Nicks’ cocaine blues. And much more. Continue reading

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“Beatles vs. Stones”: The Mythology of Rock’s Greatest Rivalry

Author John McMillian has unearthed the real story behind the rivalry between rock and roll’s two greatest heavyweights. Author (and longtime Stones man) Tyler McMahon turns in his review to let you know if it’s time to raise the lighter or to head for the exits. Continue reading

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