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My Night with Nico

What does one do when Fellini movie star, Warhol icon, former bedmate of Jim Morrison, Iggy Pop, and Jackson Browne, and frontwoman of The Velvet Underground leaves the methadone clinic and walks in to your waitressing gig? Holly George-Warren, eminent rock scribe and esteemed guest at The Weeklings, was still slinging hash when she crossed paths with the chanteuse/muse in late seventies Manhattan, but she did not let the opportunity pass her by. Continue reading

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Monday Rock City: A Conversation with Legendary Rock & Roll Journalist Lisa Robinson

Rock scribe Lisa Robinson walked among the giants – Springsteen, Jagger, Michael Jackson, Eminem, Gaga – and not only lived to tell the tale, she wrote about it all, using unprecedented access to bring readers cheek-to-cheek with pop icons. In this interview, our very own J.M. Blaine turns the tables on Robinson, giving us a peek into her long-anticipated memoir There Goes Gravity. They dish on everything from Jagger’s tacky shoes to Stevie Nicks’ cocaine blues. And much more. Continue reading

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Monday Rock City: An Interview with Rock Photographer Lynn Goldsmith

Jamie Blaine speaks with legendary rock photographer Lynn Goldsmith about the craziest musicians she’s captured, her underwhelming introduction to U2 and what really happened with Bruce Springsteen at the “No Nukes” concert. Continue reading

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Positive Sweat, The Origins of Darwinpunk and The Mystery Motel

Danbert Nobacon turns fifty-one today, but still manages to prove, both scientifically and empirically, that he remains as Punk as F**K. Continue reading

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