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Danbert Nobacon freak music legend got an associate degree in the science of children’s play in the 1990’s whilst moonlighting in the punk rock band Chumbawamba. He is currently teaching theatre in his local Junior High and High School. And, he is presently finishing his first album in seven years, entitled "Stardust to Darwinstuff" musically embodying some of the above themes, from which the first track— "Revolution 9.01"— will surface on the eve of the inauguration in January 2017.

Positive Sweat, The Origins of Darwinpunk and The Mystery Motel

Danbert Nobacon turns fifty-one today, but still manages to prove, both scientifically and empirically, that he remains as Punk as F**K. Continue reading

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Science, Art and the Magic of Life

The paradox inherent in human nature that helped us evolve into what we are today may well be our downfall. Danbert Nobacon investigates the merging of science and art. Continue reading

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An English Christmas of Snow, Ghosts, and a Kiss

Wherein Danbert Nobacon revels in the notion of the elusive English Christmas Kiss. Continue reading

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Rogue Commentary from 2025

Danbert Nobacon reports from Manhattan in 2025, where polar bears are being relocated to the South Pole, Jenna Bush is president, and a Wall of malls protects the city from the impending super-storm and refugees from New Jersey. Continue reading

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A Short History of the Smart Lie

Smart lies, says Danbert Nobacon, are the constituent particles that make up the fog that is carefully crafted to prevent us connecting the real political dots, ensuring the continued protection of power. Continue reading

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The Math of the Military Industrial Fossil Fuel Complex

An economy based on fossil fuel reaps disgusting profits for Big Oil, while fomenting war and destroying the planet. Danbert Nobacon investigates. Continue reading

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