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Hasten Down the Wind: Adventures in Babysitting, 1977

What to do when you’re 12 and a mysterious, beautiful, troubled woman moves in next door with her four-year-old? You babysit, of course! RBW offers some more summertime musical memoir. Continue reading

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In Defense of Disco

At its height, the “Disco Sucks” movement drew fifty-nine thousand people to a Chicago stadium to watch a shock jock explode LPs, inciting a full-on riot of mostly white dudes. WTF? Our Robert Burke Warren, who became enamored of disco in the lusty confines of a Catholic school broom closet, writes about the music that arrived at the same time as his teens, and how it inspired him. Continue reading

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Power Trio: Mark Brooks’ Three Smoking Grooves for the Rhythmic Insomniac

To blow off steam, acclaimed director Mark Brooks moonlights as DJ for L.A.’s scorching hot synth pop duo, Night Club. He offers up three of his go-to tracks for turning late night insomnia into a one-man dance party. Continue reading

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